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Special Kids Intervention Programme (SKIP)

What is SKIP?

Providing vital services to children with Down syndrome
Introducing SKIP, our Early Intervention Programme designed to nurture your child's all-round development. Through SKIP, we focus on key areas that lay the foundation for success in their growth journey.

We prioritise enhancing social skills, speech and language development, as well as gross and fine motor skills. Additionally, we understand the significance of attention and listening abilities in your child's overall development, and we provide targeted support in these areas too.

With SKIP, we aim to equip your child with the necessary tools to thrive and reach their full potential.

SKIP Sessions

SKIP is designed specifically for children with Down syndrome, aged 1-5. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment where children can come together, learn from one another, and receive targeted developmental interventions tailored to their unique needs.

Through this programme, we aim to empower your child to become an active participant in their future education. We focus on fostering essential skills and abilities that will pave the way for their success. By offering a supportive space for learning and growth, we create opportunities for your child to flourish and reach their full potential.

Special Kids Intervention Programme (SKIP)

The SKIP Programme is brought to you by Dani Dowling
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The Down Syndrome Centre is compliant with all regulatory requirements for care of children, clinical practice, teaching and governance. 

Memberships include: Down Syndrome International, the Wheel and the Charities Institute Ireland, from whom we have Triple-Lock status for fundraising, governance and financial management. 

We are registered with the Charities Regulator to whom we submit our annual report.

Charity Number: 20055158 
CHY: 15750
Sandyford Centre
Unit 3, 82 Furze Road,
Sandyford, Dublin 18 
D18 DP49
Swords Centre
Willowbrook House,
Balheary Road, Swords, Dublin 
K67 R8C6
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