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New therapy-led advice clinic for parents in Swords

Publication Date: 2 May 2024
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The Down Syndrome Centre in Swords, is pleased to announce a new weekly advice clinic for parents and caregivers to address common issues regarding the nurturing and development of children attending the centre.

Sometimes, parents find there is insufficient time to discuss their child's needs during session time, so this service provides the opportunity for comprehensive post-session support and information.

Parents are invited to book an appointment with one of our Occupational Therapists or Speech & Language Therapists for personalised guidance and strategies tailored to your child's unique needs.

The clinics generally run on Thursdays at 2pm, though bookings for other times can be arranged.

Common issues addressed at these clinics include:

Speech & Language

  • Utilising AAC Devices Effectively: Many parents seek guidance on how to encourage meaningful communication using their child's AAC device, especially when their child seems to only use it for fun rather than communication.
  • Supporting Language Development at Home: Parents often inquire about ways to support their child's language development outside of therapy sessions, seeking practical activities and strategies for the home environment.
  • Collaborating with School Professionals: Communication with teachers and other professionals to support a child's communication needs in school can be challenging. Our therapists offer advice on effective collaboration and advocacy.
  • Addressing Stuttering Concerns: Parents may express concerns about their child showing signs of stuttering and seek guidance and techniques to support them through this challenge.

Occupational Therapy

  • Developing Cycling Skills: Parents often seek guidance on teaching their child how to cycle, particularly when their child struggles with balance and coordination.
  • Promoting Motor Skill Development at Home: Parents inquire about practical activities and strategies to support their child's motor skill development and independence within the home environment.
  • Toilet Training Assistance: Many parents are committed to toilet training their child but are unsure of where to start. Our therapists offer personalized advice and step-by-step guidance to facilitate the process.
  • Managing Sensory Behaviours: Parents express concerns about their child's sensory behaviours in various environments and seek effective strategies to manage and support sensory needs.

For more information or booking, contact

Our Mission

To create a centre dedicated to providing support and services to families and carers of people with Down syndrome; helping them to reach their full potential and creating a brighter future.

The Down Syndrome Centre is compliant with all regulatory requirements for care of children, clinical practice, teaching and governance. 

Memberships include: Down Syndrome International, the Wheel and the Charities Institute Ireland, from whom we have Triple-Lock status for fundraising, governance and financial management. 

We are registered with the Charities Regulator to whom we submit our annual report.

Charity Number: 20055158 
CHY: 15750
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